Experience the magical benefits of stacking Anavar


Stacking and cutting go almost simultaneously in an attempt to reduce excessive body fat while increasing the strength. Knowing the right combination between cutting and stacking can create a major difference in the physical appearance and ability of the user. The same principle applies when it comes to anabolic compounds. Each stacking option comes with a significant amount of risk with the need to know the right combination of input. However, the general rule of thumb states that more the consumption greater is the reward expected. The Anavar is a man-made version of the testosterone DHT and is one of the most popular muscle booster in the body building community. Professionals use it to shed off their unwanted body fat especially from those areas where losing fat is the toughest.fitness

Stacking options for both genders

Anabolic supplement users often has a question in their mind that which stacking option works best for them and for how long such combination be followed. The stacking option for the Anavar varies depending upon the sex of the user. For male users this supplement is more I loved this suitable during the cutting cycle, the time when shredding off body-fat is the prime concern. For most users some form of testosterone is highly recommended considering it as the base for most cycles.

For female professional users stacking Oxandrolone can be beneficial for any cycle during any time, be it for cutting or bulking purpose. In most cases this will be the only compound required although some prefer using Creatine while running Anavar. Other possible options available to female users include Clenbuterol, HGH, Nolvadex and Cytomel.However, for both the genders  a time period of 6 to 8 weeks is considered which can be increased or decreased depending upon the sensitivity of the user to such compound. While some users prefer to switch over to a completely different anabolic compound others prefer to follow an on and off cycle to achieve the desired outcome.

Stacking Anavar with Creatine

The Anavar being an androgenic compound has negligible side-effects on the body in comparison to other anabolic and androgenic compounds making it safer for consumption for both the genders. Through its consumption the process of muscle building is triggered enabling body cellsto utilize proteins more effectively.Creatine being an amino acid or a partial protein compound stacks well with Anavar. Since Anavar is a mild supplement it often stacks well with other compounds like the Tren, Winstrol and Dbol but its effect with Creatine is the most pronounced.

Scientific evidence shows that using Anavar with Creatine shows stronger effects on the body and the user can expect to obtain the desired result in a shorter time period. The dosage of Creatine while running Anavar varies from person to person. However, the general dosage intake advised is 12gms to 20gms per day during loading cycle and 4gms to 12gms per day during the maintenance period. It is always advised to start off with the lowest dose while taking a combination of Anavar and Creatine.


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