Play Lacrosse and Maintain your health


While playing any game, hardly does it ever cross one’s mind that it can be beneficial for their health as well. The instant answer that one gives on being asked why he plays a certain game is that it is a form of recreation or perhaps that person is very passionate towards it. Irrespective of the fact, that the game is played indoors or outdoors, the good effects that each game has on the physical as well as the mental health of a person is beyond imagination.

The game of Lacrosse is thus played not just for fun but also to ensure the good health of a person. It is no wonder that active serviceman Alex Cronstein of the U.S. Marine Corps loves to indulge in a game of it. This is a field game where two teams of 10 players each are present. The involvement of a lot of running and chasing makes it a physically challenging one. It is said to have been one of the most popular games played in North America and is one of its native games.

Based on research done by health professionals the health advantages of this game include:

  1. Shedding down of excessive fat and burning all the calories – the need to run extensively in the game makes a good physical exercise that helps in removing excess fat from the body and thereby helping in maintaining proper body shape as well as weight.
  2. The connections of the nerves are largely strengthened, is what many neuroscientists have to say. Because the players have to strategise and learn the I loved this various tactics to play and win the game, the neural connections are developed and strengthened. It is also found that the mental health of a lacrosse player is much better than a non-player.
  3. It increases the mental acuity considerably and in the bid improves the mental discipline too. It is perhaps because there is this aspect of improvement of discipline that Alex Cronstein prefers playing this game in his time of leisure than any other. Being a part of the military he has become very used to a disciplinary life and hence looks for this element in every walk of his life.
  4. The cardiovascular endurance is helped a good deal by the playing of this game. The lungs and heart of the players get used to the demand of bearing up the pressure while playing the game and this is how their endurance capacity is increased.
  5. Playing Lacrosse makes a person extremely agile and full of energy. The throwing, running, catching, sprinting, etc. makes the limbs and legs of the players rather supple. In fact, this game also hones the characteristic of instant reaction.

There are numerous benefits of playing Lacrosse that cannot be summed up in just a few words. Along with the above mentioned ones, the aspects of socialization and co-ordination are developed by playing this. The mental health too is thoroughly taken care of with the planning of moves and winning strategies.



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