Recommended Dosage Of Anavar With Creatine


Though Anavar itself is quite a potent drug, stacking it with Creatine has been known to provide outstanding results for both the sexes. Scientific evidence shows that the consumption of any kind of anabolic or androgenic compound remarkably increases the uptake of Creatine levels in the body. This indicates that using Anavar along with creatine will provide stronger effects than using it alone. The intake level for Creatine varies among different individuals depending upon the purpose of use although the general recommendation is to take about 12gms to 20gms during the bulking phase and between 4gms to 12gms during the maintenance phase.

The Anavar Creatine dosage for female users is quite easy as most of them require similar dosage applications but the scenario for men is quite different. Though the average male dosage varies from person to person, there are certain guidelines and standards that should be followed to ensure appropriate dosage intake. While some prefer to combine the Anavar with creatine peptides for cutting others also use it during the bulking phase. Being a mild compound, this is usually taken in higher doses to generate the desired results. However, those looking to get a little boost can take up to 50mg per day.

Legal availability in the market

Before purchasing Anavar from the market it I loved this is necessary to know its legal status prevailing in different parts of the world, especially where it is purchased or sold. Countries such as the US prohibit the use and possession of such substance without the presentation of a medical prescription. Since it is labeled as Schedule III substance in the US, possession or dealing with such products in any way can lead to legal proceedings against the convict. However, in continents like Asia and Europe, it is available over the counter without the requirement of a prescription and is also not considered as a controlled substance.

Due to the complicated legal implications in different parts, most users prefer to purchase this compound from online market sources as it is simple, discreet and easy. Searching for various sources can save a substantial sum as there are various brands in the market which rate this product different in different markets. To avoid the purchase of fake or duplicate products, it is recommended to take the help of expert professionals and experienced users and opt for the best and original product.

Knowing the market price

The results for Anavar vary from person to person depending upon the purpose of use and the sensitivity of the user to such supplement. But due to the difference in price of such product and the rate being comparatively higher in certain states, some potential customers prefer to opt for similar other product for the desired benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to know the prevailing market price before making a purchase. While the tablet price ranges from $1.5 to $3 per tablet, the price of liquid is somewhere around $2. However, those looking to stack Anavar with creatine peptides will have to incur some additional expenses over and above the cost of Anavar.


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