10 Important Things to Know About Australia


Australia is one of the best places to be in as per surveys conducted worldwide. With all the best technologies set here, Australia is surely a happening place where you can chill out forgetting about everything else. Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia is the country with a chunk of Indians and people who once go there never come back due to its amazing weather, culture, and way of life. The number of Indian immigrants there are increasing day by day due to massive work opportunities. You also must be having friends, family, and relatives there. So, send gifts to Australia on their special days and make them feel special using major e-commerce portals like fnp.com.

Here is some trivial knowledge about this land of Kangaroos that you must know.

  1. Way back in the year 1880, Melbourne became the richest and the most prosperous city in the world.
  2. Can you mentally gauge the click here distance between London and Moscow? If not then tale an Atlas map book and see the distance and you would be delighted to learn that the width of Australia is just equal to this distance.
  3. You are a woman and you can vote – right? But do you know that after New Zealand, it was Australia that granted the voting rights to women folks? That was a good decision indeed.
  4. The strange governing body of Australia made the best-behaved criminals the first police force of Australia. Now this is something really innovative.
  5. How much do you pay as electricity charge? Rs. 8/unit or Rs. 10/unit? Hold your breath to know that the world’s highest electricity rates are charged in Australia.
  6. The sports capital of the world is Melbourne as it has the best sporting equipment available for its people. Sir Don Bradman, the world’s finest cricketer belonged to Aussie team.
  7. A lady named Gina Rinehart is the chairperson of Hancock Prospecting earns at least 598 Dollars every second, making it to barely 1 million Dollars every half an hour. If your math is really strong, you can calculate her monthly and yearly income.
  8. Do you think Greek’s stay only in Greece/ No, you are wrong, Melbourne is the home to most number of Greeks after the capital city of Athens – sounds strange huh!
  9. Most of the people are confused about the capital of Australia. Take a note of it now that Sydney is just the largest city of Australia, but the capital till today is Canberra.
  10. Salaam Namaste released on 2005 was the first ever Bollywood film to be shot completely in Australia. Later on Bachna Ae Haseeno was also shot.

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