5 Common Questions You May Have While Choosing an Assisted Living Facility


In today’s world, where everybody is busy building careers and making money, Alan Naul, the Founder and President of the Alan Naul Javelin Group aims at focusing his real estate ventures on the senior population of the nation. Alan Naul founded the Javelin Group in 2003 with the main idea of using it for planned investments in properties that can help in providing lodging and healthcare facilities for the senior citizens such as residential care and assisted living, nursing care, and memory care facilities.

When you prepare to settle in an Assisted Living facility, you may have certain needs in mind. To ensure that you get what you are looking for, it is important for you to have answers to the following questions:

What should you bring while touring an Assisted Living facility?

When touring an assisted living facility with the possibility of a new living situation for a loved one or yourself, it is vital to prepare a list beforehand of all the possible questions you want to ask during your visit. Consider the fact that this will be a big helpful site step for your loved one or you and you want to ensure that you choose a facility which is nothing but the best. If you feel any sort of discomfort while enquiring or visiting the property, it is best for you to skip to the next available facility on your list.

How many is too many when visiting multiple facilities?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question but it is advisory that you keep your search on until you find your match. Alan Naul Javelin Grouppioneers in the establishment of such residential care and memory care facilities for the senior citizens. The more facilities you visit, the more you get to know about the different kind of services and amenities that these homes provide. It is important for you to note that such facilities may differ from one another in terms of infrastructure, services, social activities, and even neighborhood.

What does a typical day at a Residential Care facility look like?

Again, the answer to this question may vary from one establishment to another so it is a good idea to ask and note down the answers for every facility you visit. You can check the scheduled meal times, social events planning, medication and nursing arrangement, and even housekeeping rosters. You should also enquire about the kind of personal assistance support provided by the facility. Ask if they provide help with bathing and nursing or if they have additional help when required.

Does a facility have provisions to accommodate a couple one of whom is suffering from Dementia or other memory loss problem?

Some facilities have the provision to accommodate a couple in such cases. While it may differ from one facility to another, many would charge the full facility fee for the affected while the partner only pays for accommodation and meals. Alan Naul Javelin Group recently inaugurated such a memory care facility in Missouri.



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